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BBSRC LIDo student

BSc Royal Holloway, 2023



I am currently working on a rotation in the Connected Memory Lab as part of the LIDo DTP program, which I began after completing my BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Royal Holloway. My research interests are in neurobiology, focusing on the pathophysiology of neurodegeneration. I am especially interested in Parkinson’s disease and dementia, and completed my final year individual research project on the effects of a mutation in the microtubule-associated protein Tau (MAPT), in which I used multivariate analysis of metabolomics data to identify differences between wild-type and mutated human derived dopamine neurons. I am also fascinated by cognitive neuroscience and am looking forward to completing this rotation, in which I will be using fMRI and cognitive models of the brain to study neural similarity in humans. 

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